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Custom Mugs

Amy makes mugs with your custom logo or name.  For small quantities, she hand letters or draws your lettering. This is a great choice for wedding parties, family reunions, or small appreciation gifts.


For quantities of 20 or more, she uses a stamp to transfer the image into the clay.  This helps maintain your brand identity with a consistent logo, as well as improving the cost per unit.

Please get in touch for a custom quote for your project.

Simple stamping

The simple impression of this coffee shop's logo allows the pottery to shine. 


This soup mug is made with red clay with a glossy, variegated white glaze.  The generous sizing works equally well for a cup of tea or a cup of soup.


Your logo, with color

This customer wanted their three-color logo on both sides of the mug.  I used a buff clay with transparent glaze to let these colors shine through.

The straight sides of this mug allow for a larger logo to be used.

Small batch

Do you just need a few?  Hand-drawn and hand-lettered pieces use a different process that has its own charm.  This band needed a small batch of mugs, which I created with "sgraffito", scratching the clay.  

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