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Where to find Amy Westphal Pottery

Amy's pottery is for sale in Crawfordsville, Indiana at Four Seasons Local Market, located at 128 S. Washington Street. 

You'll also find her pots seasonally at the Joshua Cup in Crawfordsville and Big Sky Donuts in St. Joseph, Missouri. 

For the spring of 2022, check out the special pottery display at Wink Eyewear in St. Joseph, Missouri at 2702 Ashland.

Watch for sales and events advertised on Facebook and Instagram, or reach out directly for a direct sale or custom order.


Crawfordsville, IN

Four Seasons Local Market is dedicated to locally raised food and locally made goods.


St. Joseph, MO

Big Sky Donuts in serves amazing apple fritters... and you can find tastefully branded mugs to take home, too.


Special Sales

Special sales and events are advertised on Facebook and Instagram.  Be sure to follow us to keep in touch.

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