This listing is for (1) one 16-inch oblong platter for Lisa and Randy.  This platter is the one to grab for carved turkey, but it also works well for serving crudités to a crowd.


The couple registered for one large serving platter.


dinnerware safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe



16" Oblong Platter -- Lisa and Randy


    Lisa and Randy's chosen design includes vibrant aqua and clear glazes, with added detail on serving dishes.  The serving dishes include pinstripes in a faded periwinkle.  Design sketches are included in the listings.  Some of the posted pictures are of previous designs. 


    Deadline to order for Lisa and Randy's registry is June 30, 2021.  


    Your order will be made with love and care, and delivered directly to Lisa and Randy with the other items on the registry.  Shipping is included with your purchase. 


    A printable "gift note" will be emailed to you in case you'd like to let them know what you've purchased.  


    If an item is listed as "OUT OF STOCK" then all requested products of this type have already been purchased.